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    Pecan Nut Brittle


    1/2 Cup Granulated Sugar
    1/4 Cup Water
    1/2 Cup Roughly Chopped Whole Pecans
    1 Tsp. Butter
    1 Pinch Salt


    1. In a small pot, combine water and sugar and gently mix until smooth.
    2. Turn heat on high and boil sugar mixture for 5-6 minutes or until a light golden brown colour starts to form. (Note: Do not walk away from pot at this stage, as mixture will burn very quickly if left unattended!)
    3. Once an amber color has begun to form, quickly add butter and salt and swirl around to mix. Quickly add in pecans and with a wooden spoon, stir ingredients to combine.
    4. Once all ingredients have been combined, quickly turn out onto parchment lined baking sheet, and carefully press down into a flat, thin slab. (Note: The mixture will be extremely hot, take extra precautions not to touch skin!)
    5. Let cool about 1 hour at room temperature. Break into small pieces and serve.
    6. **Do not cool down in fridge as any moisture or humidity that comes into contact with the sugar will cause it to melt and become very sticky.

      -Yield: About 30 small pieces of brittle